Breath is movement.

Words ride on the outbreath.

Sound is waves; the waves compress the particles in the air.

The first language was sign language;

words are gestures of the tongue.

The voice is controlled by tiny muscles.

The muscles control the size and frequency of the waves.

Breathing is rhythmic.

Words and movements have rhythms and exist in time.

Rhythm is breath is sound is movement.

Language is sensory; movement is cognitive.

Language is cognitive; movement is sensory.

Language is sound is movement is cognitive is sensory.

My poems come from my body.

“13 poems in a body – part one: take two” is Shannon’s second piece in a borrowed body, after “13 poems in a body”.

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The poem “Top”, one of the poems used in the piece, spoken by Shannon Sullivan.

Short info about the piece

“13 poems in a body – part one: take two”

Text, Direction, Performance: Shannon Sullivan

Dance: Mor Demer

Dramaturgy: Joey Juschka

Premiere: 25th March 2011, at Laborgras, Berlin, Germany